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Experience what "Personalized Contact Marketing" can do for your Business.

e•Contact System combines a very powerful "Client Relationship Management" CRM portal with a unique "Email Marketing System" through the use of web-based technology. The result is an extremely effective and efficient email  marketing system that targets your contacts with pre-designed topics tailored to their specific interest and concerns based on their demographics. We call it "Personalized Contact Marketing". e•Contact System is a personalized online email marketing tool and data management second to none.

At e•Contact System we offer two types of services to our clients.

*The first is company/individual users;  with this choice the company/individual users do most of the work, such as email marketing campaign design and content development, deployment and tracking, and data base management.  However, at e•Contact System we never forget that our success is measured by your success.  Therefore, our team is always available to assist our clients when needed to help you become more efficient in the use of our system or more effective in your email marketing campaign development. Call 336-391-6278 to learn more.

*The second is e•Contact System's Marketing Program; This package offers you several custom choices, from our Basic Email Marketing and Data Management System to our Step-Up " a la Carte" a fully customizable program that offers you the full email marketing package with as much DYNAMIC social media management and design as you wish.  Our Basic Email Marketing Program offers a full marketing package where we do the heavy lifting for you, with input from the company of course, e•Contact System develops the email marketing campaigns on behalf of your company.  We design the campaign visuals and content, deploy and track the email campaign, provide email campaign analysis, we make recommendations for future email campaigns, and provide data base management.  Plus we make timely reminders to make sure you stay focused on your email marketing, and in front of your clients creating customer likeability, for maximum effectiveness.  Our "a la Carte" custom step-up program offers all of your social media and web management as an add on to our Basic Email Marketing and Data Management System, simply choose the features you want and we design a custom pricing package for you around these features.  Why should you staff up or use your company's resources?  Let e•Contact System, the professionals in Data Management and Email Marketing, help elevate your business to the next level. Call 336-391-6278 to learn more.

 e•Contact System, the only company offering users three different email marketing formats (video type, newsletter type, slide show type) to easily email your contacts with targeted/tailored market specific topics of interest.  Whether you choose from our large library of pre-designed storyboard presentations or create your own by using our newsletter format or our slide show format (up to 12 slides), all deliver your message in a professional, tailored mini-presentation format. With your subscription you are able to choose from our always expanding library of pre-designed storyboards or customize your own from our blank templates. We can even design a subscriber specific presentation just for you if necessary.

Call 336-391-6278 today and see for yourself why so many people are switching to e•Contact System the webs number one choice when it comes to Data Management and Targeted Email Marketing. 

Rest well at night knowing your data is securely stored in multiple locations instantly and backed up immediately on servers that offer the most advanced security available.

Contact 336-391-6278 today to start your 10 day free trial.


Tailored Email

Convey your message using our large library of targeted 10 to 30 second mini-presentations.

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Dashboard Overviews

At a quick glance, track appointments, to-dos, late activities, email activity and much more.

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Full Scheduling System

View appointments, reminders, to-dos, call reminders, and much more.

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To-Do List

View and assign to-do items for yourself and other account users.

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Contact Management

Keep all of your contacts together, easy accessible contact notes, group listings, and much more.

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Call Reminder System

Quickly schedule and log calls and call reminders for you and your team.

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