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Email System

This module is where your Email Marketing Campaign really comes to life. Here are the Brains behind your email campaigns. So simple a child could do it. (You and your contacts can rest assured these emails and links are safe and secure coming from our multiple secure locations.)

We use a simpl drag and drop system to make establishing your email marketing campaigns easy and efficient. You can choose from our library of pre-designed storyboards categorized by markets and topics tailored and targeted to stimulate the thought process of your contacts and prospects by their demographic grouping. This produces highly effective online email marketing campaigns. Or, you also have the choice to use our customizable templates to design your own. You can choose from a single photo template to a multi-slide presentation, either way in a matter of minutes you can establish your email marketing campaign for up to 18 months in the future and have hundreds if not thousands of emails scheduled by demographic groups.

When someone responds to your email their comments and requests for more information appear in your Dashboard daily for you to review. We also make uploading storyboard topics your contacts and prospects find interesting to their "Facebook" and "Twitter" friends easy. We insert an active link into the email so all they have to do is click "Email a Friend" and they are able to send your email to all of their friends. Just imagine the possibilities for referrals. A single email now is sent to hundreds of people who share the same interest as your contacts. Your photo, if you uploaded it into the system, as well as contact information and a comment block is uploaded with the storyboard making it simple for others to contact you. This aspect of the emailer is a unique process and powerful standard feature for subscribers. 

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