e-Contact System - Personalized Contact Marketing

Company/Individual User Features:

eContact System delivers through the use of web based technology,  both Contact Relationship Management (CRM) and targeted tailored Email Marketing and Delivery solutions together in a single program. No matter what type of message you want to deliver, this is not your typical CRM system. Rather, one designed from the ground up to meet the challenging needs of anyone or company wanting to deliver their message with pinpoint accuracy, to their most receptive group, no matter what your market is.

eContact System offers:

Quick Deployment
Nothing to install, all web-based


A library of market specific, pre-designed mini presentations as well as pre-written email content choices for each mini presentation, or you can use our customizable templates and email content as well.


Durable, high-performance, dedicated web based servers powerful enough for all environments.


Easy Anywhere Access
Because eContact System is web-based, you are not tied to any computer.  Accessible via smart phone or tablet as well.


Multi-User Database
All modules can be shared or used independently depending on the permissions established by the primary user.


Calendar Events
Calendar events are seamlessly linked to the contact records thus maintaining a complete contact history.


Your data is backed up every night in a secure off-site location.  Available any time with a web browser or internet connection.


A wide variety of reports are available to track contacts as well as emails.


  • No Credit Card Required
  • 10 Day Trial on Us
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