e-Contact System - Personalized Contact Marketing

If you aren't currently using e•Contact System you should be!

We want YOU to start using the best tool you have in your tool belt, your current contacts.  Whether it is repeat business or referrals, your current contacts are the most valuable asset you have.  They work with or stay in contact with you because they LIKE you.  Let us help you organize your marketing campaigns to this target group and get ready to hold on.

All successful people depend on creating and maintaining long-lasting relationships with their contacts, whether professional or personal.  eContact System allows you to further cultivate these relationships through the use of our seamlessly integrated system.  By using our integrated system you have the ability to establish email marketing campaigns targeted to groups of people more inclined to be interested in the message you are delivering. Creating these email marketing campaigns is effortless using our system and can be created for months in advance in a matter of minutes.  Thus allowing you to use the time you save in areas where it is needed the most.  All updates are displayed daily on your Dashboard along with all other necessary information.  You also have the ability to customize many features to fit YOUR specific need.

With eContact System you have the most effective and efficient partner available today to help you put your best asset to work.  It doesn’t matter what your market is, for example, direct sales, associations, religious, financial services, or political, to name just a few.  Whether it is repeat business or referrals, your current contacts are the most valuable asset you have. We provide you with the tools necessary not only to manage all aspects of your contact relationships, but also to send thought generating presentations, notices of new or improved items, or just educational or informational presentations you think your contacts might find interesting. We have them available and ready to be put to work for you in a fast, simple and easy to use system.  These presentations are organized by markets, topics, and organizations, to make reviewing and searching for the perfect presentation easy.

As we all know with the explosion of social media that is being seen today, the possibility for referrals is endless.  Therefore, we added an additional feature loaded into each email, a Facebook and Twitter link that allows your contacts to instantly share YOUR presentation and contact information with their friends.  Imagine the possibilities.

Our library of tailored targeted, thought provoking, time saving presentations designed to fit your specific market is at your disposal.  Plus, if you want to generate your own presentation, we give you the custom feature to make this happen.  Save time with the pre-written email content for use in your email campaigns with four choices for each individual presentation.  Wow, are you convinced yet?  Hold on, there’s more.  We can even feature YOU in a presentation designed to get your message to the people you wish.  It doesn’t get any more personal and direct than that.

This system was developed over a two year period of examining what works and what doesn’t.  We want to help you grow your business and deliver the message you want delivered.

After all, it’s all about YOU becoming more successful.

If you aren't currently using e•Contact System, YOU should be.  Below are a few of the many reasons why.

  1.   Regularly delivered personalized email marketing campaigns with proper subject lines and logos reinforce company and product awareness. Email creates an interactive connection and nurtures quality customer relations. This enables you to build stronger relationships and increase up-sell opportunities as well as referrals.
  2. Using E Contact System, email marketing campaigns can be customized with specific customer data. E Contact System also allows tailored targeted mailings to specific recipient groups, for example, by ZIP code, gender, income, or services or buying habits and any other market or company specific data.
  3. Using E Contact System, email marketing campaigns can be measured in detail either by groups or individual customers through open-up, click-through and conversion rates to evaluate the success of campaigns. We work with you to evaluate the data to adjust strategies to improve future results.


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